Worth Seeing Places Of Istanbul


Istanbul being a main city of the popular Turkey has many attractions to offer visitors, locals and foreigners are often treated to spectacular scenery and historical views of the city. Some attractive features include minarets, underground cisterns and Spas. Leading places to visit consists of religious significance; the Islamic religion and culture seem to have a toll in attractions of the city. Ancient mosques like Sultan Ahmet Mosque are major attractions in the city; historical places like Topkapi palace will woo you to stay more in this pristine city. There are many wonderful places to visit and view its wonders.

Topkapi Palace:

  1. a) The Topkapi Palace is one of the most sought-after places by every visitor of this city; the palace brings to memory the Ottoman ruling dynasty in the region; the Ottoman Empire was established here some 400 years ago.
    b) The place is now a big museum in Turkey, where all and sundry visits to explore, the unique architecture is the signature of this museum; it was built in great architectural planning and expensive materials.
    c) This was a home of Sultans who ruled the country at that time; it was a morn achy type of ruling; the palace was complete with many quarters inclusive of servants' houses.
    d) The palace is now a museum to show about the historical records of ancient rulers; the inner chambers are kept well with instruments and artifacts of the Sultans for viewing.

Aya Sofya:

  1. a) Aya Sofya is another pristine place to visit in this city; the ancient building is now used as a museum in the city to showcase some olden artifacts, which were used by the Sultans.
    b) Originally, the place was a Church in the early years of the ottoman ruler ship; this was about
    15th, century. The Sultans later changed it to a mosque, and then eventually turned to a Museum.
    c) The Aya Sofya is now a grand museum, which is a must visit for everyone. The building is very spacious with panoramic views of the high columns; the architectural wonder is another inspiring aspect of this museum worth exploring.
    d) The building also serves as a mausoleum of the late sultans and their sons, at the basement you will find several tombs where the remains of such rulers were laid.

Basilica Cisterns:

  1. a) The cistern is a historic statue to remind the city dwellers about the drinking water evolution; the Ottoman ruler ship built the cistern to provide clean drinking water to the city.
    b) It's one of the most romantic attractions in the city, the 6th century cistern became forgotten for many years; the main purpose of the cistern dried up long ago.
    c) The Basilica is now used as an entertainment center; the Medusa upside a downy head is used to anchor lights to beautify the place.
    d) The place is now used as a romantic venue for much escaped; music and entertainment are part of the Basilica these days. Entrance is charged at about 3.5 pounds.

Blue Mosque:

  1. a) The mosque is also known as Sultan Ahmet mosque, the mosque is just across the park from the Aya Sofya Museum; it's one of the rarest mosques with six minarets to view in the whole world.
    b) The mosque is blue as the name suggests, inside in building with precious ceramics, which are blue minimum color, decorations and entire is blue with a breathtaking Ewe as you view the horizon.
    c) The six strategically built minarets are unique features in this mosque; the architectural masterpiece and decoration is another point to ponder in this historic mosque.
    d) The tomb of the famous Sultan Ahmed is also housed in this mosque; he is the ruler who allowed his name to be part of this mosque and the surrounding region.

Byzantine hippodrome:

  1. a) The hippodrome is a historical ground, which is now well furbished for relaxation purpose, the park was the mainstay of Constantinople governance and sporting activities in the city, the park was used for riots and gaming’s in the reign of the Ottomans.
    b) The scene is today well furbished and pampered Park, named after the horse ground, it's known as At Meydani, and the Ottoman reign witnessed its use as a horse ground.
    c) The hippodrome is nowadays used as a convergence point where coaches pick tourists; the tourists take off from the park in different places in Istanbul and other parts of the country.
    d) The government of the city offers a free WI-Fi in the park; this is for visitors to freely browse the internet while here, refreshment places are available to soothe visitors.

Galata Tower:

  1. a) The tower is another place to visit and view the wonders and picturesque scene; the tower is located at the old Istanbul in a place known as Beyoglu, it's easy to view the skylines from here atop the balcony of the tower.
    b) The tower is part of the modern old city; it was built way back in the 1348 by the Ottoman Empire; Foreigners were staying around the neighborhood in those years.
    c) The tower was once the part of the sub-city, the sub-city was occupied by the Genoese; it occupied a stretch to Bosporus.
    d) The tower is a great attraction to view; hotels and refreshment centers are available for. Visiting the tower brings to memory about the ancient Ottoman neighborhood.

There are many other places to visit while in Istanbul, Chora Church is another ancient well-choreographed monument to explore, Grand Bazaar and many others. Apply for a Turkish visas to be ready to go.

Why You Should Go for Green Building Designs – Be Friendly To Your Environment

Green building designs are taking over today’s world of home design with the topic of environmental awareness topping most headlines in the media. The main aim of green building designs is to encourage environmental conservation through preventing or totally eradicating depletion of crucial environmental resources like water.


The idea is geared towards preventing degradation of the environment and creating a conducive surrounding while still improving the health of the occupants and enhancing their standards of living. The benefits of green designs are discussed below.

  1. Low Operating and Maintenance Costs: Energy costs have risen and are continually rising at a very high rate. It is therefore important to consider energy efficient building designs. Green housing designs have come to the aid of people who need economically manageable buildings.
  2. Boosts Employee Efficiency: People working in comfortable environments tend to be more productive than those who are struggling with environmental discomforts. The quality of air in green building designs offer comfort in corporate buildings which increases employee productivity, and this means more profits for organizations.
  3. Conservation of Important Environmental Resources: Use of water recycling and collection methods, which are highly recommended in green building designs, encourages water conservation. This is very crucial for both the environment and the people who live and work in such buildings.
  4. Reduction of Waste and More Environmental Friendly Waste Disposal Methods: Since resources are limited, the use of natural resources in green building designs encourages recycling and reusing inputs in construction. This reduces waste products from the whole building process. Green building technology also emphasizes safer and environmentally friendly methods of waste disposal. This ensures a clean and safe environment.
  5. Enhances Internal Environmental Conditions: Adequate air circulation, lighting, and insulation are factors that can help in reduction of cases of respiratory problems, headaches, allergies, and nauseas. Green designs provide for adequate ventilation, insulation, and lighting for buildings. This helps in health improvement of people who live in and work in such buildings.
  6. The Make for Great Architectural Talking Points: In the 21st century buildings adapting this design are the talk of the media in terms of housing. With their posh look and their unique shape they really are a sight to behold. This will have investors, or future land owners, anxious to be seen as in tune with this trend.
  7. They Aren’t Very Expensive to Construct: Designed using natural or recycled materials such as glass or steel they can save on the building budget. Hence if one looks to keep it simple and cheap green building designs technology is the way to go. Retrofitting an existing building can also be cheaper than constructing a new one.
  8. Building Adaptability: Once constructed these buildings can be used for different purposes according to the preferences of the builder. One can either use it for corporate use or for residential use.
  9. Resistance to Extreme Conditions: Since the building materials are natural, and recycled materials last for a long time, they are rarely affected by extreme changes in the environment, weather, and heat. Green building designs can be easily optimized to cope with changes in the environment.

Basically environmental conservation is very important to maintain a balance of healthy human existence, manageable economical states, and cost effective constructions. Green design build technology is highly dedicated to environmental conservation and is therefore the best way to go.

Kathryn McDowell is a freelance writer with a mission to educate readers about the benefits of green design build technologies and their benefits. If you are planning a new construction project she recommends you look into the all of the various green building materials and construction methods available today.


Oktoberfest: 5 Tips For Your Bars Home Decor

 Oktoberfest: 5 Tips For Your Bars Home DecorThis time of the year is celebrated by bars across the globe - Oktoberfest is here. Originally this festive time emerged from Munich in the 1800s and is a growing trend today. Local bars typically host promotional events and beer companies even release specific blends in honor of Oktoberfest - Samuel Adams has a hugely popular Oktoberfest Beer that fans love.

Those that have a bar in your home or want to add a little home comfort to your local bar, we have established a few easy tips to follow.

1. Stainless Steel Bar Accessories - Quality is essential for any bar and accessories like martini shakers, mixers, and thongs last better when they are stainless steel. Home bars and local establishments notice the quality and appreciate that items do not rust. Guests will love their clean look and never think twice about how their drinks are prepared.

2. Design a Theme - Oktoberfest is not the only excitement during this time of the year, football is in full force. Two things that go great together are football and beer. A great way to create this atmosphere are sport themed rugs with your favorite NFL football team's logo. This works great in your home's bar section or many local bars and sports themed rugs on the wall for that extra team spirit.

3. Classic Bar Design - Integral to many bars are mirrors. These mirrors are typically strategically placed behind the bar, where the bottles are displayed. This is both aesthetically pleasing and done for safety reasons, because with a mirror it gives the bartender eyes behind their head. At a home a more simple mirror can do the trick behind the bottles or on the opposite wall to play off of the bottle designs.

4. Seating at the Bar - Enjoying beer on Oktoberfest is tradition and nothing is better than a cold sip of beer perched on a bar stool. The comfort of a great stool should not be underestimated - it's a key aspect to all bars. The bar stool seats you up high and lifts your feet off the ground, keeping in the drinking position longer. If you are entertaining at home have a few bar stools handy, helps create the authentic bar experience and your guests will love it.

5. Games - A little break from drinking never hurt. A dartboard is a fun game to keep next to your bar, it's a nice change of pace. This is easy enough to hang on a wall next to the bar at home - even if you don't actually play, it give that authentic bar vibe. Not sure who originally thought that throwing mini spears and drinking was a good mix, but it works!

This time of year is a lot of fun and very festive. The annual Oktoberfest is enjoyed by beer drinking across the globe - at home or in the local pubs. Start making your plans early and scope out the local schedules for events near you. Stay safe and enjoy the fun.

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Solar Energy – Money Saving and Green Energy Choice for New Homes


If you are designing a new home why not consider solar energy to help cool and heat your home? Solar energy can also supply most of your home’s hot water needs, and it will also save you a considerable amount of money on your new home’s energy bills each month. Solar energy systems normally pay for themselves in about 10 years, and you may be able to sell excess electricity generated back to your utility company. Solar energy make good sense for new home owners and by including a solar system into your house plans you can start saving money as soon as you move in.

How Solar Energy Systems Work

Every day the sun provides us with warmth and light. It also provides us with solar heat and energy. This energy comes to the earth in the form of photons and solar panels collect and convert these photons into electricity. The electricity produced by solar panels is direct or DC current. The DC current produced runs through an inverter and it converts it to alternating or AC current which our appliances and homes use as power. The electricity you receive in your home from the power company is also AC ,and if your solar energy system produces more electricity than you need that electricity will go back into the power grid and you many times you can receive credit on your bill for this surplus power.

Solar Power System Components

You’ve probably seen solar power panels on the top of buildings or in free standing arrays. These panels contain small square shaped semiconductors which are made from silicon and other conductive materials. These are formed into thin layers of film in solar panels. As sunlight hits the solar cell a chemical reaction releases electrons and generates electricity. Solar cells are also sometimes called photovoltaic, PV cells, and can be found on other appliances such as a solar powered calculator.



Most solar systems contain PV panels, a controller for stand-alone systems or a charge regulator, an inverter, wiring, mounting hardware or framework. PV cells are grouped together into panels and these panels make up an array of solar panels which collect and convert photons into electrons and electricity your home can use. Some solar systems include a tracking device which tracks the sun during the day to improve efficiency and provide you with more power. Solar systems can be connected to the power grid, or be stand-alone and store extra energy in rechargeable batteries.

How Much Will Solar Power Save Me?

Fuel prices have risen an average of two percent since 2006, and this trend is expected to continue if not rise in the future. After installation a solar system could provide half of your home’s electrical needs. This is a huge savings per month. For example if your home uses approximately $200 worth of electricity each month, a solar system could save you $100 per month. That is $1200 a year. Of course the amount you save will depend on the size of your solar system, your energy consumption, and the area in which you live. But a savings of only 25 percent is still $600 a year based on the previous example.

As you can see solar energy just makes good sense. It saves you money and reduces the amount of fossil fuels consumed by your household. If you factor the initial cost compared to the monthly savings a solar energy system generally pays for itself within 10 years. After that it’s money in the bank every month in the form of energy bill savings. If you’re designing a new home, talk to your architect about including solar energy in the plans. Your wallet and the environment will appreciate it.

Kathryn McDowell is an advocate of green living. She is on a mission to educate her readers about the green options in design, build, and construction of their new homes.

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Decorating With Sports Bedding To Foster Creativity

bedbathstore 2330 2811931739 Decorating With Sports Bedding To Foster CreativityBetween the ages of five and 13, children begin to experience their world in an imaginative, creative way. Liberated from the developmental milestones of early childhood but not quite into the final stretch towards adulthood that is adolescence, children of this age have the freedom to discover their world and their individual potential. During this time, decorating their rooms to reflect their interests becomes an important outlet of expression, and recently, this focus has helped create a boom in sports bedding options for both boys and girls. Parents can help guide this discovery through decorating process by helping them design their room.

Elements to Decorating a Child's Room

Grade-schoolers can be “all over the board” with their desires and imagination. As with preschoolers, they still need space to move about and kick up their heels without risk of injury. However, like the older group, they have begun to discover sports. Moreover, they begin to feel excitement as their parents get excited over professional sports on TV, or they may enjoy seeing football, basketball and baseball games in person. Their exuberance spills over into their creative play, and parents can facilitate this with soft, plush and functional bedding in favorite themes such as Atlanta Braves bedding or any other popular professional team. The goal should be to create the space yet maintain safe features such as soft corners and edges.

A parent may be inclined to make all of the decorating decisions for a grade-schooler, yet many are old enough to provide input and choose the theme. Allowing them to participate in the decision making process will foster ownership in the care and appearance of their sports themed bedding and pillows, in addition to toys, wall décor and window treatments. Children of this age are developing interests, hobbies and talents as part of their self-determination, so parents can reinforce those positive feelings by letting the child choose the sports team or overall color scheme.

atbrbe2 Decorating With Sports Bedding To Foster Creativity

Pulling the Room Together

What could be more fun for a child than to support a favorite sports team by decorating their room with key elements dedicated to them? The crucial item to pull the room together will be the bedding, throws and pillow covers. It is quite easy to design a fun room concept without gutting the space and starting from scratch. For instance, a boy’s room may have light turquoise walls, which may seem to clash with the bold midnight navy and white colors of New York Yankees bedding. Yet, a simple sports themed wall decal with multiple colors above the bed will complement and pull together the entire room.

Using Accent Colors

A simple, proven method to decorate a child’s room includes choosing a color scheme of two to three shades, then marry the shades together with one to two accent colors. For example, with the midnight navy and white of the New York Yankees bedding mentioned above, one or two bright accents will add a splash of color and pop to complete the room. Bright red, orange or yellow accents work well.

However, the best way to finish a room may be to ask the child. Grade-schoolers have unlimited imagination and resourcefulness. Unleashing and fostering that ingenuity may create a result that surprises and delights any parent.

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