Decorating With Sports Bedding To Foster Creativity

bedbathstore 2330 2811931739 Decorating With Sports Bedding To Foster CreativityBetween the ages of five and 13, children begin to experience their world in an imaginative, creative way. Liberated from the developmental milestones of early childhood but not quite into the final stretch towards adulthood that is adolescence, children of this age have the freedom to discover their world and their individual potential. During this time, decorating their rooms to reflect their interests becomes an important outlet of expression, and recently, this focus has helped create a boom in sports bedding options for both boys and girls. Parents can help guide this discovery through decorating process by helping them design their room.

Elements to Decorating a Child's Room

Grade-schoolers can be “all over the board” with their desires and imagination. As with preschoolers, they still need space to move about and kick up their heels without risk of injury. However, like the older group, they have begun to discover sports. Moreover, they begin to feel excitement as their parents get excited over professional sports on TV, or they may enjoy seeing football, basketball and baseball games in person. Their exuberance spills over into their creative play, and parents can facilitate this with soft, plush and functional bedding in favorite themes such as Atlanta Braves bedding or any other popular professional team. The goal should be to create the space yet maintain safe features such as soft corners and edges.

A parent may be inclined to make all of the decorating decisions for a grade-schooler, yet many are old enough to provide input and choose the theme. Allowing them to participate in the decision making process will foster ownership in the care and appearance of their sports themed bedding and pillows, in addition to toys, wall décor and window treatments. Children of this age are developing interests, hobbies and talents as part of their self-determination, so parents can reinforce those positive feelings by letting the child choose the sports team or overall color scheme.

atbrbe2 Decorating With Sports Bedding To Foster Creativity

Pulling the Room Together

What could be more fun for a child than to support a favorite sports team by decorating their room with key elements dedicated to them? The crucial item to pull the room together will be the bedding, throws and pillow covers. It is quite easy to design a fun room concept without gutting the space and starting from scratch. For instance, a boy’s room may have light turquoise walls, which may seem to clash with the bold midnight navy and white colors of New York Yankees bedding. Yet, a simple sports themed wall decal with multiple colors above the bed will complement and pull together the entire room.

Using Accent Colors

A simple, proven method to decorate a child’s room includes choosing a color scheme of two to three shades, then marry the shades together with one to two accent colors. For example, with the midnight navy and white of the New York Yankees bedding mentioned above, one or two bright accents will add a splash of color and pop to complete the room. Bright red, orange or yellow accents work well.

However, the best way to finish a room may be to ask the child. Grade-schoolers have unlimited imagination and resourcefulness. Unleashing and fostering that ingenuity may create a result that surprises and delights any parent.

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8 Dorm Room Needs For New College Student

When your child is ready to go to college, you may be terrified, but one way to put your mind at ease is to make sure they have all of the dorm room accessories they need to be successful.

1. Mini-Refrigerator

You can never go wrong with a mini-refrigerator. The mini-fridge is a great way to keep your college student satisfied with basic necessities, such as bread, milk, water, lunch meat, cheese and maybe a few favorite meals from home. You can purchase a mini-fridge that has a dry erase board. Your child can keep their schedule or a list of things to do on one of the items they will use the most.

2. Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is essential for many different reasons. After a heavy cramming session, your college student may not be in their right mind. This mirror is perfect for making sure you look your best and have appropriate clothing on.

tiedyedocoby 8 Dorm Room Needs For New College Student3. Bed Lifts & College Dorm Bedding

Bed lifts are great to have because it keeps you from sleeping on the floor, and gives you more space to store your belongings. Dorms are not mansions and space can be accounted for quickly. Instead of rearranging your side of the dorm every other day, store some of your belongings neatly under your bed.

As far as bedding is concerned, why not have all the styles, designs, and colors you like! Make sure you have bedding that says something about you!

4. Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is essential for many obvious reasons. You want to make sure you get to class on time and any extracurricular activities you are involved in. Time is of the essence, and being late for class is not a good look.

5. Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is a great alternative to leaving the big overhead light on. Your roommate may be sound asleep, but you need to study and get other things done. When you have a desk lamp, you have the light you need without disturbing your roommate.

6. Cell Phone

There is no better way to stay in touch than with a cell phone. You could purchase a phone for their room, but that may head south quickly. Instead, purchase a cell phone; it can be a prepaid cell phone so they can keep in touch. A cell phone is a great item to have if you are attending college out of state.

7. Hand Vacuum

Everyone doesn't put a hand vacuum on the list, but they should. When you're up late at night snacking while cramming for a test or just snacking your life away during the day, you will probably leave evidence that you enjoy some type of food. Instead of sending an invitation to bugs and pests, use the hand vacuum to clean up the mess and keep the dorm neat and clean.

8. Microwave

Make your ramen noodle day or night a breeze with a microwave. If you have a chance to go grocery shopping, purchase a few microwave meals for the times that you really don't have time to go to the cafeteria or wherever it is you would like to eat. You can eat a balanced meal while studying or handling other business.

Make sure to send your graduate off to college instyle, prepared and stocked with these college dorm room necessities.

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5 Reasons Why Should A Realtor Have Online Real Estate Listings For Selling Or Buying A Home


Most people take help from a real estate agent when they buy or sell a property. This is because real estate agents are well versed with all the latest market trends and have more knowledge of the good property or buyers around. But with time, more and more people are avoiding the role of a realtor because of increasing number of resources and knowledge. So what real estate agents should do to ensure that their importance does not decrease?

Online real estate listing is one option that is trending these days. Listing the property to be sold online can help real estate agents in enhancing their business. Below listed are five reasons as to why a realtor should have online real estate listing for selling or buying a home?

  • A Better Comparison – The property you have is better in many ways but how will you let people know? You are not going to visit each one of them as that is practically not possible too. Online real estate listing helps people draw a fair comparison between you and others and if you have managed to bring out something good, you are definitely going to bag a great deal. The number of people who research online for selling or buying property is increasing and from this point of view, online listing can prove beneficial.
  • Convenient – Creating a website is a tough and time consuming task. You might need to learn many techniques first before you can begin managing your own website. Online real estate listing is a more convenient way to let buyers or sellers know about the property they are looking for. There are various platforms that help realtor to list the property online and also enhance the chances of getting noticed by right group of people. Sometimes, a realtor can begin by paying a very nominal fee.
  • Managing is Easy – If you have an online real estate listing, you can easily manage that from the comforts of your home. Checking the latest updates and updating any information becomes easy when there is no time limitation. In fact, when you are out of town, there is no need to miss the important selling or buying details. You also do not need another team as online listing can be managed by a single person as well.
  • Wider Reach – Having online presence has one benefit that overpowers any other fact and that is – you can reach a wider audience with least effort. There are many social networking sites that can help a real estate agent list the property and let maximum number of people know about it. As compared to other advertising mediums, Internet offers more benefits in least cost.
  • Cost Effective – Having online real estate listing for selling or buying a house is a cost effective medium as well. This demands least investment and in turn, offers numerous benefits like, a creative and visually appealing way of listing your property, you can target the right audience, your list is going to be there for as long as you want and you know your competitors too.

Online real estate listing is definitely a better and effective medium for any real estate agent to sell or buy his property.

5 Top Home Design Plans for 2014

Several home design trends are hitting 2014 with full force. The concern over green materials and building practices seem to be fueling a major trend for more efficient and smart homes this year. Families are also looking for rooms which serve more than one purpose and are flexible in their design. Some families may also need room for aging relatives that give both the family and mom or dad privacy. Today’s homes are also places to relax and unwind. All of these factors influence this year’s design trends. Here are the top five home design trends.
Energy Efficient Homes
With energy costs on the rise homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate energy savings into their new home design. Lot orientation to take advantage of solar energy, or to minimize exposure to the hot sun are now issues designers are discussing while planning new home builds. A passive home design is also an upcoming trend. This type of home design utilizes construction and insulation methods which help to hold heat in during the colder months, and dissipate heat during summer months. This is done through an air tight envelope around the home, and ventilation systems with a 75 percent heat recovery capability.
Haven for Relaxation
Today’s families are on the go and exposed to an enormous amount of information during their day. Homeowners today need a haven to relax and unwind after a hard day. One of the biggest trends this year is the addition of a whirlpool tub in the bathroom. Bathrooms are becoming mini-spas in many homes as owners focus on the benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation. Steam showers, multiple shower heads, bathtubs with televisions, and other amenities are making today’s bathrooms a place to unwind and relax.
Multiple Use Rooms
Flex rooms are very popular in new home design this year. These rooms give homeowners the option to use them for more than one purpose, and to change the room’s purpose down the road. Aging parents, income restrictions, and changing lifestyles are the driving forces behind this trend. Flex rooms give families the option to use the spaces in their homes for what they need, not what is traditional. These rooms are well organized and make use of every inch. They can be tailored to give an aging relative privacy from the rest of the family, or these rooms can also have a more interactive function for the entire family.
Prefabricated Homes
These aren’t the old mobile homes you see in retirement communities. New prefabricated homes and buildings are cost and energy efficient. You may have already seen prefabricated homes and not even realized what they were. Today’s designs are much more sophisticated and cost much less to build than homes built from the foundation up on site.
Center Stage Kitchens
Kitchens are now taking center stage in new home designs. No longer is the kitchen stuck back behind a wall and partitioned off from the rest of the home. Today’s kitchens are areas to cook, eat, meet, plan, and play. Families are gathering more and more in the kitchen space and home designers are meeting this need with larger more organized and functional kitchen design. The kitchen area may house a small office, game area, eating area, and of course a well-appointed cooking facility.
These are some of the top design trends for houses in 2014. Which ones would you like to see incorporated into your next home? Today’s home is vastly different than the homes most people grew up in, and today’s home plan designers must keep up with trends so that they can meet their client’s expectations.

Kathryn McDowell is a freelance writer specializing in home design trends. She enjoys researching new trends in house plans and reporting them for her readers.


Why Is Wool Such An Amazing Material?

Wool is grown by sheep to regulate their body temperature during the seasons; this ability of wool to regulate the body temperature of the animal is one reason why people have used wool for centuries. But, it is only now, in the 21st century with advanced science that we are truly beginning to appreciate what wool can offer us humans…


Although we like to be warm – in fact, we need to be warm to survive – our bodies also need to be able to breathe; lack of ventilation produces sweat, simple because we become too hot. In some instances, such as working outdoors in very cold weather, sweating actually decreases our body temperature too much and so wool is the perfect breathable, insulating layer.

A wicking layer

Those people used to climbing, walking or working in cold or hot temperatures will tell you the additional comfort a wicking layer can bring. Used on race horses too, when the body sweats to lessen the chance of becoming too cold, the moisture on the skin needs to be ‘wicked’ away and wool is a material that has this ability.

The fibres of wool naturally lifts moisture away from the skin and this one of the reasons why wool duvets provide the most amazing regulation of body temperature, so that you get a restful night’s sleep.

Repels moisture

But is naturally has a quality that repels moisture too; wool socks in wet wellingtons will mean less cold feeling feet, as well as drier than in other socks.

Just from these two qualities alone means that everyone from sailors fishing in the coldest waters to the Everest climber George Mallory in his woollen tweed jacket understand how wool can perform for them. Modern day ski-iers, adventurers and sportsmen opt for base layers made from wool and is why more and more people are opting for wool bedding too.

Top of the eco-credentials chart

If you are trying to live your life more environmentally friendly, then wool must surely be top of the list. Sheep grazing the hills and rolling dales of Britain, sheared in a way that causes them no pain or distress, the wool spun and treated using minimal chemical treatments and then crafted, by talented crafts people into all manner of things – cosy blankets to duvets, mattress toppers and pillows. Sustainability at its very best!

Practical and easy to clean

Wool is naturally stain-repellent and so dirt tends to sit on its surface, as a result it needs very little cleaning and, it is natural flame-retardant too. Not only that, those who suffer from allergies find that wool bedding is a great way to have a great sleep – no itchy skin, nice and cool as well as dust-mite free.

British wool is widely regarded as one of the best in the world and for good reasons; High quality sheep grazing high quality, green pastures, creating great products from the wool. Wool bedding is slowly beginning to gather popularity with the consumer with many amazed at the brilliance of the product. Take another look…

Divk Beijen is our guest author and harbors a passion for wool, having built his business Devon Duvets from his own flock of sheep. Dick likes to share his passion and knowledge through blogging.